Nigeria News


Nigeria is located in West Africa, its form of government is the federal presidential republic. Its territory is made up of 36 federal states and one federal district. Its total population is 181,562,056 people (2015). The capital is Abuya, with 1,178,568 people, and its most populated and former capital city is Lagos, with 8 million people Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and seventh in the world (surpassing Japan and Russia). Nigeria's economy is the largest in Africa and one of the fastest growing in the world.

Largest cities in Nigeria

1°- Lagos 2°- Ibadan

3°- Benin City 4°- Kano

5°- Port Harcourt 6°- Kaduna

7°- Aba 8°- Abuya

9°- Maiduguri 10°- Ilorin