Venezuela News


Venezuela is a South American country whose capital and largest urban agglomeration is the city of Caracas. It limits to the north with the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, to the West with Colombia, to the South with Brazil and to the East with Guyana. Due to the oil boom, Venezuela experienced a period of high economic growth, which was interrupted by the energy crisis of the 1980s, which provoked a period of political and social instability alternated with financial ups and downs.Venezuela has an economy based primarily on the extraction and refining of oil and other minerals, as well as agricultural and industrial activities. The country has the largest reserves of oil in the world, the novenas of natural gas, and the sixteenth in terms of gold. Its population is 31,000,000 people.

Largest cities in Venezuela

1°- Caracas 2°- Maracaibo

3°- Valencia 4°- Barquisimeto

5°- Maracay 6°- Barcelona

7°- Ciudad Guayana 8°- Maturín

9°- Ciudad Bolívar 10°- Cumaná